Jump scare in all-new ‘Kagat ng Dilim’ Horror anthology

Back in the year 2000, a ghastliness collection called “Kagat ng Dilim” kept crowds alert with startling stories. after 20 years, the Pinoy Tambayan crowd can encounter genuine bounce alarm by and by in the all-new “Kagat ng Dilim”, coordinated by another variety of widely praised chiefs:

Jump scare in all-new ‘Kagat ng Dilim’ Horror anthology

Richard Somes (Best Director grant champ for “Yanggaw” at the Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival, likewise coordinated “Cry No Fear”, and “Corazon: Unang Aswang”).

Lawrence Fajardo (Best Director grant champ for “Imbisibol” at the Sinag Maynila Film Festival, and victor of Netpac Award at Vesoul Asian Film Festival for a similar movie, victor at the Cinemalaya Film Festival for Best Short Film, “Kultado”, additionally coordinated “Class 3 Has a Secret” and “The Strangers).

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Paul Basinillo (head of the hit smaller than normal arrangement “Tabi Po”, and a productive show chief most popular for the sold-out shows of Popstar Royalty Sarah G, for example, “This 15 Me”, and “24/SG”, and “The Cr3w” with Billy Crawford, Sam Concepcion, and James Reid).

Rae Red (Best Director grant champ for “Babae at Baril” at the QCinema International Film Festival and Gawad Urian Award, additionally Best First Feature for “Si Chedeng at Si Apple” at the Young Critics Circle).

Support yourself for dreadful yet intriguing stories with regards to “Kagat ng Dilim” beginning November 27. All scenes will highlight Filipino folktales, fantasies, animals, and metropolitan legends that have carried dread to us as the years progressed.

In “Hukay”, Cristine Reyes stars as Maya who shows up in the town of San Malverde to do some business. She at that point finds an underground passage which is said to have a shrouded door to hellfire.

Next comes “Binabahayan“, featuring Nathalie Hart as Carmen, one of the con artists who seek total isolation at an old house while hanging tight for their chief. She coincidentally opens a bolted room, where a sculpture is found, that acquired disorder to their lives.

Kim Molina stars as Isha in “The fourteenth Floor”. Moved to her organization’s new branch, Isha sees that the structure doesn’t have a thirteenth floor on account of the conviction that 13 is an unfortunate number. It doesn’t take long when she starts to encounter the fear of somebody’s passing again and again, as though in a circle, directly on the fourteenth floor that she can’t getaway.

In “Hinagpis”, Ella Cruz depicts Mila whose grandmother is giving indications of cognitive decline. In any case, Mila feels that something evil is additionally going on with her. She recalls what her strict grandmother used to advise her: the individuals who have a cozy relationship with God are frequently tried by the fiend. Ruby Ruiz (Best Actress grant champ at the fifteenth Harlem International Film Festival held in New York City for her exhibition in “Iska”) assumes the function of Lola and Vitto Marquez plays Emman, Mila’s beau.

Utilizing the idea of doppelganger, “Kakambal”, recounts the tale of Enteng, played by Matteo Guidicelli, who appears to have a double character. Occasionally, he’d be amazingly bashful, on different days, he will in general be pompous. Honestly, an inauspicious natural is duplicating Enteng’s looks with an aim to supplant Enteng’s presence with his own.

There’s a conviction that material things abandoned by the dead should be covered with their body in light of the fact that their soul may even now stick to those things. In “Ukay-Ukay”, Meg Imperial plays Joan, who buys a white dress from ukay-ukay. From that point forward, a progression of unusual occasions occurs in her home. It will just stop once she finds the dim mystery behind the pullover.

In “Manika”, Mark Anthony Fernandez and Maui Taylor play wedded couple Marcus and Chloe who are grieving the demise of their kid. At the point when Marcus gets interested in the doll of their late little girl, they additionally face upsetting events in their home.

The Hiligaynon people accept that there are nature spirits called “Taglugar”. In this scene, Cindy Miranda plays Clarissa, a house cleaner who is blamed for executing her manager. In any case, she demands that the guilty party is a beast known as “Taglugar”. Additionally featuring Alma Moreno.

“Pugot”, which stars Diego Loyzaga as Alfred, is about the conviction that the holy messenger of death is coming for you in the event that you seem headless in a photo. Alfred and his sweethearts away adventure becomes disorganized when Alfred finds a headless photograph of her.

In “Toktok”, a dance group goes right to the woods to make a video that they need to become famous online. In any case, upon their get back, the individuals bite the dust in a steady progression. It stars Mccoy de Leon, Julian Trono, Carlyn Ocampo, and Aubrey Caraan.

The custom of offering a creature’s blood or even an individual’s is seen when there’s a development since it is accepted to make the structure more strong. The scene “Sabel”, who will be played by Louise Delos Reyes recounts the narrative of a lady who vanished in 1979 and afterward returns many years after the fact without growing a day old. What is the riddle that she holds?

“Pagpag” acquaints us with Andrew, played by Jerald Napoles, staff in a general store close to a memorial service home, which makes it an ideal “Pagpagan”. He’s encouraged to in every case light an incense each night, however, one night he neglected to do such and that evening turns into the most stunning evening of his life. Likewise featuring Marco Gallo.

“Salakay” depicts the fantasy about “Umalagad”, the spirits of old individuals and nature. Gardo Versoza will play Gaspar, an injured man. He re-visitations of their old house, not realizing that a gathering of “Umalagad” is trusting that his return will get vengeance.

With such an excess of energizing setup, first-rate bearing, and heavenly cast, “Kagat ng Dilim” is the must-see ghastliness treasury in this cutting edge time. Catch it each Friday at 9:30 PM, just on TV5.

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